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That Help You Manage Your Team Without Micromanaging!"
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What Are Communications Funnels?


Imagine Having The Best Operations Manager in The World Working with Your Team 24/7  

The Manager Never Gets Tired or Complains. They Never Asks For a Raise or Extra Vacation Time! 

This is What a Communications Funnel Gives You!

Yodels From Vatican City!

Join The Businesses and Government Agencies Who Have Actively Used Communications Funnels to Manage Their Workforce!

 500,000+ Yodels   
 10,000+ Contacts 
 10+ Countries 
Yodellers have yodelled from the mountain top, the floods, the fire-line, during covert operations, while transporting millions of dollars, from airplanes, while flying helicopters, off of camels in the African desert, inside the Taj Mahal, while swimming in the Arabian Sea, while on the operating table and even from inside the Vatican!
Cool! But What is a Yodel?

Think of Yodels like super efficient text message with a job to do. They keep your workers safe by finding their way through Communications Funnels to provide you with additional information about what is happening.

Information like:

Where are you now?

Where are you going next?

 Who is with you?

 Are You Safe?

 What is your ETA (EstimatedTime of Arrival)?

 What did you do on (Insert date)?

Who are you having to hire to do the job of a single Communications Funnel?

Communications Funnels:

You Will Save Money on Data

 Our system is intelligent. It selects the fastest and cheapest network (Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite) available.

 This  means you save money by limiting satellite use!

 Safety is included for FREE

 This means you no longer need a Lone Worker Solution!
 You will be worker safety compliant
 It also means if there is an emergency, you will know right away.
“My husband works in the bush and in many areas that they don’t have cell service. I constantly worry about his and other crew members safety and knowing they are ok. We started using the inReach Explorer integrated with the YodelMe App and I don’t have to worry anymore! The YodelMe app has helped our business and my peace mind and would recommend it to everybody working in the bush and sometimes dangerous elements. “
- Jaclyn Moore, Rider Ventures

You Will Know Where Everyone is

 YodelME updates locations automatically when your workers communicate. 
  This means you will see conversations and locations as they happen and be able to prevent delays

Tell Us What Kind of Company You Own

We will give you the ideal Communications Funnel for FREE with your Trial!

We have built funnels for the BC Wildfire Service, BC Conservation Officer Service, BC Corrections, Eagle Brook Church, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mosaic Forest Management, TC Energy, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and more.  
We can design one for you!
Which best Describes Your Business?
Small / Medium Resource Company (Forestry, Mining)
Large Resource Company (Forestry, Mining)
Local Small business
Communications Reseller
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The Word On The Street Is...

Here Are A Few Questions We Often Get:

Are There Any Long Term Commitments?

No, Just email support@yodelme.com to downgrade or cancel.

Is YodelME Secure?

Yes, our team has an extensive history in cyber security and we have passed sacurity standards for the British Columbia Government.

How Do I get support?

We have several ways to get help. You can email support, call 1.855.YodelME (963.3563) or join our facebook group! We will answer any of your questions right away!

Do I Have Control Over My Data?

We have exceeded the government standards for privacy protection. You can easily access, download or wipe your own data from our servers right from your dashboard!

Do I have to Install Anything?

Yes and no. Immediately after joining, you will receive instruction on how to download the App and connect it to your dashboard. The dashboard is accessed from the internet. Google Chrome is preferred.

Can You Handle Large Organizations?

Yes, we have provided to some of the largest companies and agencies  in BC. We have had over a thousand workers in one funnel!

What If I am a Small Organization?

Communications funnels work equally well with two people all the way up to 1000+.

Will It Work For My Business?

We have built funnels for the BC Wildfire Service, BC Conservation Officer Service, BC Corrections, Eagle Brook Church, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Mosaic Forest Management, and have not found a business this will not work for.
 Simple dashboard
 Quickly set up your team
 Team Safety System
 Safety Report Automation

When you Have a Communications Funnel, You have EVERYTHING You Need to Connect, Communicate with and Manage Your Team!

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